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Press Release

d2da5b46e0f52d4ca4112c3e040c48d7FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
October 2, 2013


Beatrice, NE – Rock Thiz Magazine Founder and Publisher, Lisa Snyder is pleased to announce the promotion of current staff and the addition of new staff to the RTM family. “We have worked extremely diligently to grow this magazine in a professional and ethical way and I am very pleased at the team of writers, photographers, editor’s designers and staff members we have assembled,” says Snyder.

The magazine recently promoted Features Editor, Terri Snowder to Executive Entertainment Editor/Director of Marketing. Snowder will now field and manage all music writing submissions, as well as directly manage the day to day press responsibilities for the magazine. “Terri brings a unique, fresh and passionate energy to the magazine,” says Snyder, adding “she has written several feature covers for us as well as editing submissions and it just makes sense to put her in a position where her talents in music journalism can continue to grow.”

In addition to the promotion of Snowder, the magazine has also added Cover Shoot Photographer, Lawrence Atienza from Los Angeles, Ca. and Kailyn Morgan, Marketing Intern. “Lawrence will be shooting our in-house and on location cover shoots for the magazine,” says Snyder, adding “he is one of the most sought after young photographers in the Los Angeles area and is known for his unique approach to storytelling photography and we are excited about working with him for our cover shoots.” Kailyn will be assisting the Marketing Team with press credentials and marketing materials for the magazine, as well as advertising sales and support,” said Snyder.

Rock Thiz Magazine started in 2008 as a digital and print order entertainment magazine with 2 employees and has now climbed to 17 employees and a management team of 4. In addition, the magazine can be found on numerous newsstands, restaurants and coffee shops across the country, I including the newly acquired Wal-Mart chain. The magazine recently was awarded the first annual G.O.D. (Global Officials for Dignity) Award for excellence in entertainment journalism.

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Jaira Valenti Spotted in Beverly Hills

Jaira Valenti Spotted in Beverly Hills

Check out this actress Jaira Valenti from the Hangover movie I was searching beautiful actresses in Beverly Hills and this story from Entertainment Magazine came up.

She has an IMDB star meter of under 3000 so she must be doing something right! Click the link to see more on her credtis.



WE SPOTTED Jaira Valenti , known for her role in The Hangover, going into Tutu Kids in Beverly Hills today.

We asked her what she was going to buy, and she told us she was getting a pair of Swock- (something) ar- (something) ski Crystal Converse for her daughter.

Very nice too.Our trendy editor told us Jaira must have said a pair of Swarovski Crystal Converse.

They are, apparently, very, very exclusive. Just as exclusive, in fact, as the tattoo on Stu’s face in The Hangover, which he got on ‘that’ night out. (By the way, are we the only ones who didn’t think those drunk guys were really that funny?)

TIDBIT – Apparently, the artist who gave Tyson his ‘exclusive’ face tattoo is suing the producers of The Hangover for copyright infringement.

If successful, this will not only include a whopping pay-out, but also stop any further distribution of the movie.

She was also recently seen at the ASYM 20th annual kick off supporting young musicians

Jaira Valenti Spotted in Beverly Hills

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Janice Dickinson Bankruptcy: Former ANTM Judge Is $1 Million Debt — Report


Former America’s Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson may have the “famous” part of “rich and famous” covered, but the riches? Not so much these days. In fact, according to the New York Post and Radar, Janice was forced to file for bankruptcy due to almost $1 million in debt.

Who, exactly, does the former supermodel owe? According to the New York Post, it’s mostly a combo of Uncle Sam and cosmetic doctors.

The Post reports that Janice owes over $8,000 to both “Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein,” and “Dr. Uzzi Reiss, who runs the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center.” Hey, sometimes trying to stay looking young and beautiful isn’t cheap.

The bulk of the debt, however, appears to come from unpaid taxes that “date back more than a decade.” Overall, Janice owes more than half a million to New York state, California, and the good old IRS.

Janice confirmed to Radar that she did have some financial “trouble,” adding that she’s “upset and taking every step to pay everyone back.” She says she “feels terrible about it.”

We hope Janice can work everything out.

Source: New York Post, Radar