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Miley Cyrus Gives Credit to Detroit…But For What?

What Happen To That Sweet Girl We All Watched On TV?

Young Detroit Show

Source:Rolling Stone Magazine 
Posted By:Tyler B. (YDS Host)

Miley’s recent actions has been quite a talker – People are talking about Miley Cyrus’ twerking on Robin Thicke, her recent outfit selections and now Miley’s speaking during a exclusive interview with Rolling Stone magazine.  Even after all these incidents she’s still Hannah Montanna in so many’s eyes.

Miley has been progressively working her way to her big transition to adulthood since the past 5 years. She was 15 when she weathered her first scandal, when she posed for Vanity Fair wearing a sheet that made her look topless. (“I feel so embarrassed,” she said in a statement. “And I apologize to my fans, who I care so deeply about.”) A year later came a pole-dancing stunt at the Teen Choice Awards (the “pole” was on an ice cream cart; the dancing was PG at most). The following year she was…

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So Much More Than A Recording Artist, Covan Magee Vows To Bring You Truth!

12167087-get-the-word-out-by-recording-artist-covan So Much More Than A Recording Artist, Covan Magee Vows To Bring You Truth!
Recording Artist Covan chooses to use his talents for a greater purpose than himself. As a motivational speaker he chooses to educate and uplift people in a positive way based on his own enlightenment and experience.


Get The Word Out by Recording Artist Covan
PRLog (Press Release) – Sep. 17, 2013 – TAMPA, Fla. — “I’m currently engaged in many activities revolving around today’s most critical issues in America. As a recording artist I choose to use my talents for a greater purpose than myself. As a motivational speaker I educate and uplift people in a positive way based on my own enlightenment and experience. I have many values all which are positive, I understand that I’m NOT perfect and never will have all the answers. Like many I have a hard knock life back story to tell, but it’s not a matter of what I been through it’s a matter of how I overcame it. I say ‘Never forget the past, for it is a reminder for the future.’; meaning you have to fail to succeed, but should learn from mistakes to not repeat them. I hold Jesus and God close and closer each day to my heart, with truth fueling my soul.” ~ Covan Magee

Covan is looking forward to the launch of his new radio show “What do you stand for?” This show will be designed to expose the disinformation and lies fed to us every day. “What do you stand for?” will explain how the Bible and Revelations ties into the world today both culturally and politically. It will give listeners an opportunity and platform to discuss their concerns and ask questions. The show will be a perfect blend of discussions, conscious truth music and prayer. Unlike any other show Covan is not afraid to give a healthy dose of the Lord in his political discussions.

Covan Magee was born in Kings County, Brooklyn, NY and hails from Staten Island, NY. He has music in his blood, being the cousin of the legendary R & B group the Force Md’s. He was formerly known as”Recording Artist Phantom” and “Phantom The Rapper.” Covan had an epiphany and decided it was time for the “Rebirth” of Covan Magee and goodbye to Recording Artist Phantom. Covan is now focusing on getting serious messages to the fans in these turbulent times.

Covan is a jack of all trades but most call him a “messenger”. Covan is making a statement in the music industry, through his love of 90’s music by keeping the sophisticated lyrical technique and flowing syncopations of jazz-hip hop alive in an era when commercial gangsta rap and auto tune is threatening to obliterate everything in its path. His literate, intelligent, nimbly performed rhymes and political consciousness certainly doesn’t fit the fashions of the “moment,” but he is determined to win a devoted audience.

Covan was discovered and currently managed by Michelle “Chella” Magee (wife) a former Warner brothers/Atlantic/Elektra records employee, currently Chairman & Publicist of Bullz Eye Entertainment Inc. Covan is also a partner and Vice President of Bullz Eye Entertainment Inc.

Releasing his 2011 single “FREEDOM” Feat. Kenya Hunter-Placido with Oscar Sanchez (Affluent Records), former Def Jam A&R rep; Rawkus Records A&R.
In 2010 backed behind two powerhouse producers “Lawrence Worrell aka L.A.W and Toma Meert aka “Toma Beats,” Covan emerged as a rising star in the digital world with “Just Another Day” produced by L.A.W. (Planet 12 Productions) & “Just Consider” produced by Toma Beats, both landing him on the critically acclaimed CBS “Studio 10 Morning Show” and the late night television show “ The Motown Maurice Show”,as well as a live performance at “The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (The Straz Center).”

In 2009, Covan’s “Rookie of the Year” had been featured on popular mixtapes such as DJ Gemstarr’s “Inglorious Bastards” and DJ Whyking’s “Ghetto Muzik Vol. 2.”

In 2007 Covan’s collaboration with Universal/50/50 Konvict Muzik artist “Qwes” single “Million Wayz” landed on Konvict Muzik Mixtape “On The Loose Vol. 2.”

2006, Mr. Magee decided to join the United States Army (Florida National Guard) in response to becoming a father, inspired him to write a song for the troops called “I’ll Be Home One Day.”

His latest single “Get The Word Out” is receiving rave reviews from top industry professionals and has landed him a spot on Warner Brothers A&R rep Lisa Castillo’s roster. See what industry heavy hitters are saying about the single below:


Wowsers!!!!!!!!!! I’m HIGHLY IMPRESSED!!! The song was IMMACULATE Covan really formulated his self to communicate with the beat. The rhythm was OUTSTANDING, lyrics we’re GREAT. “I will fight all the way to the end, I bring you the real that’s the fact.” This song has quality in the sound. Overall, I would grade this a A+++++++++!!!!!!! GREAT JOB COVAN!!!!! This song is a banger one of the best I’ve heard out of your work so far, keep up the good work. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!


“Refreshing and creative. A new sound for the summer. Something everyone should check out, a lot more innovate than what’s out on radio now. Keep up the good work.”


“This is the independent song of the summer”


It seems very ood very catchy; quality work,I am not an expert in rap singles,but I think its really good!!!!!!


With “Changing Tides” recording artist Covan is showing that a different sound is coming to Hip Hop. It’s a return to the meaning behind the songs and a message that is clear and ready to be received. If you are looking for something that will have you feeling good and ready for the world then this is it.


The implicit message of this new rap song by Covan, showcases his raw talent and sharp instincts. It has already been embraced by plenty of people, Covan’s lyrics are relevant for our current state of world affairs.


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