Attention Writers! Get on board, join the arts,entertainment, & business revolution!

                                                               Attention Writers! Get on board!
Submissions to Rock Thiz Magazine are
open from May 1 through December 30.
We accept submissions of music,sports,movies,tv, garden tips,model/photography,also topics written about hair, fashion, designers, lighting, portfolio, agencies, modeling tips, photography tips etc.
We would also like to receive articles related to runway, commercial, and junior modeling.
We do not accept pornographic content of any type.
Also nothing hate/gang related,gossip,,religion, anything political,and no foul language,
Please know that if you attempt to submit these materials, you will be blocked  from submitting written or photographic content in the future.

•    Submit written work only by email to senior writer/editor at

•    Submit up to 700 words of unpublished nonfiction in one file.

At this time, we do not consider previously published work.

•    Only the best-written work will be accepted for publication.

We are looking for articles that are grammatically correct,
Please ensure that your work is informative and entertaining.
•    Please do NOT submit any articles that are negative or anything we see in the mainstream or off-beat media.
Our goal is to keep this a family magazine.
• Please include a short bio in the body of the email.

• Work that is accepted for publication will appear in our print and digital magazine.

•  Submissions are accepted from non-published or published writers

please contact us through email if your work is accepted elsewhere.

•    Multiple submissions are not accepted; please wait for a reply before submitting again.

•  If your work is chosen for publication, we ask for first exclusive worldwide print and electronic rights.

All rights revert to the author(s) after publication.

• Unfortunately, we are unable to offer compensation for the work we publish. (We Can Send You A Free Copy)

Our response time is currently 1 to 4 weeks. If 1 month has passed, feel free to query.

Our staff is small and we read every submission.

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