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Rock Thiz Magazine 2014

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In This Issue

Scott The Panther-(Video Fusion Tv) Pg 4-7
Patrick Dixon-Coming To Fight Pg 8-11

RTM/Special Feature
Robert Hegyes/Welcome Back Kotter Pg 12-15
I Was Only Actin’ Pg 12
A Tribute Fulfilled Pg 13
Gabe Kaplan And Robert Hegyes Performing Groucho Pg 13
Alan Sacks On Robert Hegyes Pg 15

Catching Up With John Waite Pg 16-21
South By So What Pg 22-24
Prey On The Fallen –For Those Who Don’t Know Pg 24-25
Ryan Greene – The Right Sound Pg 26

Food And Wine
Creamed Chicken in Biscuit Bowls Pg 27
Easy Chicken Pot Pie Pg 28
Home-style Green Bean Casserole Pg 28
4-Ingredient Pizza Bake Pg 28

Machinal Pg 29
Of Mice and Men Pg 29

Critics Corner
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Pg 30-31
Arch Villain Green Arrow Makes A Comeback Pg 32-34

The Book Nook
Author Ginny Scales-Medeiros

Annah By Clay Gilbert Pg 38
Domechild By Shiv Ramdas
Pg 38-39
Rock & Roll War Stories
Pg 40
Deception Peak By Dianne Lynn Gardner Pg 40-41

Featured Photographer Tom Thompson Pg 42-46
On The Road
With James Bruner Pg 47-53

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