5 horror movies next on my watch list

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Kristen here. I’m watching a bunch of horror movies for research and these are on the top of my list with the new direction we are taking.

1. I Drink Your Blood (1970)

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In this cheesy, sleazy yet enjoyable cult film, a crazed, violent Satanic gang eats meat pies spiked by rabies-infected blood, turning them into…an even more crazed, violent Satanic gang! They proceed to infect the rest of the town with rabies, raising the film’s mouth foam budget exponentially.

2. 28 Days Later (2002)


An experimental “rage” virus spread from a laboratory chimpanzee turns Great Britain into a wasteland sparsely populated by survivors and hyper-violent “infected” who spread the disease by spewing their contaminated blood. This groundbreaking British epic established a new standard for modern zombie movies, with its gritty, digital video aesthetic and frenetic, fast-paced zombie-like “infected.” That said, the baddies aren’t zombies, but that fact won’t be…

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