To Read or Not to Read: My challenge for 2014

The Verbal Thing

This year, one of my “resolutions” (though I hate that term, because I never stick to them, and then I feel like a failure) is to read all of the books in my Kindle library and on my bookshelf that I haven’t yet read. I spend a lot of money on books — whether digital or physical — and yet some of them sit on my shelf for months and sometimes even years (Wuthering Heights, I’m looking at you) without me even so much as reading the first page. I know I’m not alone in that — there are lots of people in my life whose shelves are packed with unread, unloved volumes.

Part of the problem is that I tend to mark things as to-read (whether mentally or at my GoodReads account — the barcode scanner on the site’s mobile app is amazing), and then I…

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