Book Author Michele D. Croswell aka Mickey See-Asia,


About the Author:

Michele D. Croswell who writes under the pseudo name of Mickey See-Asia, was born in 1957, in New York City.

She attended NYPD’s Academy in 1983, where she accumulated her initial college credits and majored in criminal justice. She later majored in pre-law and criminal justice at Central Florida Community College, where she obtained a certificate of completion as a Florida State Corrections Officer.

She then graduated from Nyack College with distinction, majoring in Organizational Management and achieving her BS degree.

She has served in various positions in law enforcement and investigations for over 25 years.

She enjoys writing and dancing as hobbies.

But what she enjoys most is mentoring and ministering to the youth and volunteering her services to the community..

She has been an advocate for children for over 30 years, as a mother, Big sister, mentor , role model, foster parent, child protective investigator, case manager & motivational speaker.

Mickey See-Asia’s first book: Don’t Run Away Make A Way Queen, (Acronym-Drama Queen), discloses the truth about her childhood, being a victim of sexual abuse.

She speaks on the effects that her childhood abuse had on her as an adolescent and into her adult life. She reveals the family secrets that helped to create a very insatiable, determined, love/lust craved, confused and forgiving woman.

Her second book: The Dominican Affair- What Every Woman Wants But Does Not Have, Mickey See-Asia captivates her readers by introducing them into a world of promiscuity, fornication, greed, lust, jealousy, trickery, and adultery amongst the characters in her novel. The readers will then go on a roller coaster ride of pure sensuality and spirituality that leads to intimate, inspiring, monogamous but healthy relationships.
Is this truly what every wants as stated in the subtitle of this novel?


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