Domechild By Shiv Ramdas


A bit about the book-

Domechild, is a dystopian science fiction novel set in a future world where machines do everything, a world where humans are required to spend their time social networking- or face the consequences under the law. In this world lives Albert- an ordinary, unexceptional individual with an extraordinary problem – he’s being blackmailed by a suicidal machine- a situation which sets in motion a series of events that lead Albert to discover the truth about the world he was born into – a truth he might have preferred not to have discovered.

When Albert makes the impulsive decision to rescue a young outlaw child called Theo from certain deletion, he has little idea how that event is about to change his life. Soon, he finds himself being blackmailed by a machine- into helping it commit suicide. Trapped between the authorities and his ruthless blackmailer, forced on the run for his life- with only a motley crew of outlaws for company- Albert discovers the world outside the Dome- a world of cyber junkies, rebels and more-a world very different from the one he’s always known- as he journeys to Sanctuary- the only place willing to give him refuge- to meet Father- the venerable leader of the Resistance- and the only person who can help him.

But Sanctuary is a world with its own problems. Addiction runs rampant here, and resources are scarce.Whats more, he soon realises that there more about Theo than meets the eye- especially as far as the leaders of Sanctuary are concerned. To add to his woes, a murderous messiah called Vail seeks to dethrone Father, and claim power for himself. And when Theo goes missing, Albert has nobody to turn to- except his travel companions- and a frightening man called Marcus- whom everybody is afraid of. And as Albert soon discovers, they have good reason.

Just a short note- the above synopsis, while not the whole story, does contain spoilers.

Author bio:- Shiv Ramdas has hosted radio shows, sold advertising space, helped design sets and worked in both print and online media. He has also written advertisements, radio jingles, and numerous resignation letters. Domechild is his first novel.

He currently divides his time between Delhi and his family home in Lucknow.



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