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Short Summary

We are on a mission to bring a sense of identity and individuality to the urban world. We are raised to believe clothes don’t make the man, but the right clothes can give a man the confidence he needs to succeed. Whether at work or at play the way you dress plays a role as to where you’ll end up for the night. Why not dress to impress?

Founded in 2012, and based in Long Island, NY. We offer an evolving line of sophisticated mens urbanwear. Adding a sense of self with comfortability and creative designs not yet seen on the market.

My name is Dominique I am a Graphic Artist. After college I started a graphic design business called UrbnDesignz. Receiving a lot of attention and traction in the celebrity world the URBN team and myself chose to create “Urbnpparel”.
Our campaign for our very first launch is to enhance our vision on the products we wear. No more plain boring apparel.
This launch will not only help us successfully complete the first of many designs of our clothing brand, your contribution will allow us to start a new trend in the high premium luxury urban wear world. Out with the old products and in with new creativity.


Visit This Site And Donate Today Giving Great Things Back For Your Donations

20131210233831-Sleeveless_Hoodie_BackWhat We Need & What You Get

Our first design comes with 7 separate pieces. to successfully fund a shipment the cost is 7500 USD. Products will be shipped in maximum of 60 days, which will be then mailed to your homes.

Our designs are created with such fine details such as, custom embroidery, special zippers, etched accessories, silk lined pockets and hood, and other high quality materials. Each piece is made to look and feel wonderful

“You! will be the first to wear it before anyone else”

If we do not get funded I will still get a shipment order to provide everyone with an urbnapparel product. Support us and lets get our project off the ground so everyone can have the luxury of owning our apparel.

  • The Impact

    At the very core of UrbnApparel is the belief that promoting individuality will empower those in our community to follow their dreams. We believe it is our duty to encourage people to stand out of the crowd; to inspire and to motivate others to do the same. We believe that invoking this sense of self confidence will make the difference in pushing people to go after the things deemed unattainable.

    UrbnApparel puts these beliefs into practice by donating a portion of all retail sales to selected charitable organizations dedicated to supporting youth and keeping them on a positive path. Rest assured knowing that your contributing is making a difference around us.

  • With your contribution you will be helping us do more than just providing excellent unique clothing. You will be helping us shape and mold new trends, provide a sense of hope to those who need it, and change the way everyone looks at urban wear.

Other Ways You Can Help
Even if you can not contribute to our brand’s first launch, “Its ok”. We just hope you recommend us to your friends and family, and spread the word of our great product.
Use the Indiegogo share tools!

Help us get on our way! and stay tuned to more unique products from UrbnApparel.

Thank you.


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