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A Snippet from “A Moment in Chiros With Lance King”

October 21, 2013 at 6:25pm

“A Moment in Chiros with Lance King”

By: Terri Snowder

© All Rights Reserved

1375791_10201605332809172_1051339000_aPhoto Credit: Esa Ahola

You can’t think about Progressive or Power Metal without power note hitter Lance King coming instantly to mind. With a rare, multi-octave singing voice that has literally been studied by music and voice professionals, Lance King has made his mark on the genre by enhancing and evolving an already complex style of music. Many articles have been written about Lance King but in my upcoming feature, we will be taking the first in-depth look at the man and his intense quest of self-discovery that ended with him writing his first solo album, “A Moment in Chiros” (2011).

A music giant in the industry, King has lent his voice and enjoyed success with some of the world’s top power and progressive metal bands, including “Gemini,” “Balance of Power,” “Pyramaze,” “Avian” and others. Lance King is one of the most respected and highly sought after metal vocalists in the music industry. It’s a bonus that his personality is one of humility and respect of others and all that they contribute to music. Staying true to his ethics, Lance has spent the last 20 years of his career in the music industry providing an avenue to talent that often gets no air play–musicians truly worthy of being heard. Lance King is that interceptor of music and the vessel on which it sails into the ears of all that love it. As one of the largest Progressive and Power Metal international record labels, Lance has groomed his Nightmare Records, Inc. into a staple in the music business, securing for many generations to come an outlet for their music to be heard. It’s hard to believe that it all just started as him wanting to maintain creative control over his music and get his own band, “Gemini” heard.

In 2010, King left all the music projects he was working on, put his record label on hold and walked away to get a fresh perspective on music. During this time of deep personal reflection, various spiritual truths and revelations were uncovered, many of which were longing questions his soul had been asking for quite sometime. What resulted from his quest was a spiritually charged, intense body of work that was as complex in the making as it was in the writing of it. A musical composition that involved 26 of some of the best musicians on the planet, as well as an unraveling of all the spiritual answers he had received during this time. A project that was written, recorded and released in the span of 3 months time.

To tell this story, we will go back to his roots as a child and into his adulthood and share all that led up to this one year in his life. “A Moment in Chiros” is a musical manifestation of this period of deep spiritual awakening in the life of Lance King. For the very first time, Lance will truly open up his soul to share with others the many perplexing and wondrous experiences he had during this time in his life. I am both extremely humbled and honored to be called on to tell the story of his magical journey that transformed every aspect of his being.

Look for my complete Cover Feature in the February, 2014 of Rock Thiz Magazine ©All Rights Reserved


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